Community Commitment: Beyond Real Estate with Tom McConnell

Building Community: Our Heartfelt Contributions

Building Community: Our Heartfelt Contributions

Tom McConnell's dedication to real estate in Surrey, Fraser Valley, and the Tri-Cities is matched only by his commitment to the community. More than a top real estate expert, Tom's heart for service shines through his significant contributions to local initiatives. As one of the top donors to the Children's Miracle Network, Tom's generosity extends beyond business, touching lives and fostering hope. His support for the Union Gospel Mission reflects a deep understanding of community needs. This page celebrates not just a realtor's journey, but a journey of compassion and impact, showcasing how Tom's work in the community goes hand-in-hand with his real estate success. It's about building a better community where every individual and family thrives.

The Children's

Tom McConnell's profound dedication to the community and family is further deepened by their personal connection to the Children's Miracle Network. As a regular donor, the commitment is driven by a heartfelt understanding of the charity's mission, especially since his wife Susan has worked with a children's hospital. This personal association enhances his resolve to support causes that make a real difference. The business's ethos is strongly aligned with such impactful community contributions. To learn more about the Children's Miracle Network and how you can help, visit their website via this URL The Children's Miracle Network

Tom McConnell's commitment to uplifting the community is further exemplified through his support for the Union Gospel Mission. He strongly believes in providing second chances and helping those in need to rebuild their lives. This aligns with the mission of Union Gospel Mission, an organization dedicated to transformative community work. Tom's involvement with UGM demonstrates his dedication to making a positive, lasting impact in the community. To learn more about the Union Gospel Mission and how you can contribute, visit their website via this URL Union Gospel Mission


Tom McConnell's resilience in his personal health journey with cancer has deepened his commitment to giving back to the community, particularly through supporting the Canadian Cancer Society. Diagnosed with cancer in 2022 and now in remission, Tom credits his recovery to the exceptional medical care and the unwavering support of his community. His involvement with the Canadian Cancer Society is driven by a desire to help others facing similar challenges and to contribute to cancer research and patient support, a cause that has become very personal to him. Visit their website here: BC Cancer Society

Tom McConnell's dedication to community welfare extends to his involvement with the Surrey Food Bank. Recognizing the importance of supporting those facing food insecurity, Tom has actively donated his time and resources to this vital cause. His contributions to the Surrey Food Bank reflect his belief in the power of community support and the importance of addressing basic needs for a healthier, stronger community. This engagement represents his commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. To learn more, visit the Surrey Food Bank website.

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